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Documents & Policies


The following documents are all related to the Chatfield South Water District and important for the operation of the District.

State Compliance Documents

2024 Annual Administrative Resolution

2024 Transparency Notice

2024 Drinking Water Quality Report

2024 Meeting Schedule and Notice Resolution

The Chatfield South Water District purchases potable water from Denver Water. The Denver Water Consumer Confidence Report can be obtained here.
Denver Water 2024 CCR

The Chatfield South Water District maintains an emergency potable water interconnection with the Centennial Water & Sanitation District and may purchase potable water from that District during emergencies. The Centennial Water & Sanitation District Water Consumer Confidence Reports can be obtained here.


District Policies

District Operational Documents - 2017 Rules & Regulations

Colorado Open Records Act Policy - 2020 CORA Policy


District Financial Documents

2024 Budget Resolution

2024 Rate & Fee Resolution

Audit - 2021 Audit


General District Information